Jimmy Buffett To Perform 4 Shows In Delray Beach Next Month

South Florida Parrotheads rejoice! Jimmy Buffett will be doing some shows next month, with social distancing in mind.

It's billed as an "intimate Jimmy Buffett experience."

Four concerts will be performed on four separate nights from May 13th to 18th at the historic Old School Square in Delray Beach.

Concert promoters say not being on tour since the pandemic hit has resulted in a very prolific time for Jimmy, who put out his first studio album in seven years. "Songs You Don’t Know By Heart," is a curation of fan responses to a question on social media, "what little-known Jimmy Buffett songs would you like him to revisit?"

He'll perform those and some of his more well-known hits in front of limited-seating audiences.

Tickets go on sale this Monday, April 26..

Photo: Getty Images