Lawmakers Hold Roundtable On COVID's Impact On Communities Of Color

A Florida lawmaker says help is coming for communities of color in the form of the American Rescue Plan.

South Florida Democrat Congresswoman Lois Frankel says President Biden's $1.9 Trillion package comes with aid for those most at risk to COVID-19.

"There's going to be millions of dollars more for testing in schools and underserved populations...billions to address health disparities and protect the vulnerable populations."

Frankel on Monday hosted a virtual roundtable on what she called the underlying health and social inequities that put many minority groups at increased risk of dying from the coronavirus.

The bill passed the House over the weekend and is now before the Senate.

A state lawmaker was among a number of guests who joined in the discussion on Zoom.

Palm Beach County State Representative Omari Hardy says he's been in touch with the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

"My message to folks who work for the state is to continue trying to get vaccines into the county specifically for communities of color that have had difficulty access this."

Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Kitonga Kiminyo says diseases like Diabetes and Hypertension are more widespread in communities of color.

"We had those comorbidities associated moreso with African Americans and Latinos."

Others who took part in the event were County Health Director Dr. Alina Alonso, State Rep. Kelly Skidmore, who is also CEO of the Palm Beach County Medical Society and School Board member Dr. Debra Robinson, who is also a medical doctor.

Photo: Getty Images