Florida Pediatric Doctors and Nurses Watchful and Weary of COVID

ST. PETERSBURG -- One year into the COVID pandemic, pediatric physicians are watching for a complication that can put children's lives at risk.

Dr Meghan Martin at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in St Petersburg says they've seen a few cases of Multi-Symptom Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MISC). Symptoms include fever, conjunctivitis, rashes, diarrhea and general tiredness Martin says if a child manifests this set of conditions, they need to be taken to an emergency room.

Fewer than one percent of pediatric COVID cases have developed into multi-symptom inflammatory syndrome.

On another note, Dr. Martin says she can see things getting better.

"I was able to get my first and second Moderna vaccines and it's a relief to be protected." Dr. Martin is also excited that her parents have gotten shots. "There is a light at the end of the tunnel."

Also at JHACH, a pediatric registered nurse named Taylor says she's tired of all the COVID regimens, including hand washing and mask wearing. She hopes the hospital will soon be able to relax its visitation rules, which only permit one family member. The current strict rules are very hard on the young patients, some of whom are in end-of-life or very sick.

"I have to use words. I want them to know that I want to hug them but I can't," Taylor said.

Photo: Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital