Sculptors Wax About Climate Issues

TAMPA -- Some Florida climate change activists are trying to get you to watch wax melt.

The CLEO Institute, a group focusing on climate change in Florida, is placing three wax sculptures in the outdoors around Florida. Each is expected to melt away after about five days in the sun. The statues are at a Miami museum, the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, and Orlando City Hall.

When the statues melt down, they leave a statement about climate issues.

Thais Lopez Vogel is co-founder of the VOLO Foundation in South Florida, which is supporting the project. She says the message delivered by the three melting sculptures -- a lifeguard hut, Florida panther, and a grandparent and grandchild sitting together eating ice cream -- is that neither animals nor humans are safe from the effects of climate change.

The statues were created by artist and inventor Bob Partington, best known for the History Channel series Thingamabob.

Hear an interview with Thais Lopez Vogel:

Photo: Oliver Ehmig (furnished by CLEO Institute)

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