For Our Veterans

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Each year in Tallahassee we honor our veterans by watching and participating in the Tallahassee Veteran's Day Parade. This year in support of Vet Events Tally, the folks that make the veterans day parade possible, local restaurants are coming to together. Each day in August different restaurants will donate a percentage of their profits to go toward making this years parade possible and the best ever. It truly is a way to say thank you to all the brave men and women who have served our country, our community and help to make freedom possible. 

Thank you!

The Veterans Day Parade: this year’s theme will be WWI - costumes, music, etc

- Monday, November 12 @ 10:40 AM

Check back daily to see the location to visit and offer you support

Date      Location               Time      Percentage to Charity    Contact

August 1              McDonald’s        11-2 and 5-7       10%        Raphael Vasquez

August 2              McDonald’s        11-2 and 5-7       10%        Raphael Vasquez

August 3              Tin Lizzy’s            All Day 10%        Natasha Nunley

August 6              Bumpas Local 349             4-Close 10%        Eddie Agramonte

August 7              Krispy Kreme     All Day  10%        Chris Smith

August 8              Wahoo’s Seafood Grill   All Day  10%        Shawn Shepard

August 9              Red Elephant     All Day  20%        Mike Abbott

August 10            Chicken Salad Chick         All Day 10%        Bob Gosselin

August 13            The Edison          All Day  5%          Mike Xifaras

August 14            Bella Bella            All Day  10%        Mark Schwartz

August 15            Grub Burger       All Day  10%        Eddie Jones

August 16            Dreamland BBQ                All Day 15%        Bryan Collier

August 17            Jacob’s on the Plaza        All Day  10%        Drew McLeod

August 20            Dave’s Pizza Garage        All Day 5%          David Shearer

August 21            Dave’s Pizza Garage        All Day  5%          David Shearer

August 22            Dave’s Pizza Garage        All Day  5%          David Shearer

August 23            Dave’s Pizza Garage        All Day  5%          David Shearer

August 24            Dave’s Pizza Garage        All Day 5%          David Shearer

August 27                                                           

August 28                                                           

August 29            McGowan’s        All Day  5%          Steve McGowan

August 30            Willie Jewell’s BBQ          All Day  20%        Chip Evans

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