Do Only Some Black Voices Matter?

This is one of the symptoms of the cancel culture: "Other voices and opinions need not apply."

My show has been a platform to insure that the mainstream media (MSM) is not able to completely drown out reason, debate (at times robust), and common sense. Always remember, the combined ratings of CNN, MSNBC, etc. do not touch FOX News. They haven't for two decades. You may think you are in the minority, but you are not. The overwhelming number of people in this country are awesome people and they get along just fine. However, that narrative is not promoted.

The other night I watched a show on Discovery called Homestead Rescue. Short version: This small community in the south got together to help a black family, wanting to desperately live off grid in their own homestead, fulfill their dreams. This hard working family endured a hurricane, then a tornado. When the community found out their hardships they chipped in to help. Whites and blacks working together, crying together, celebrating together. That is what most of America is about.

We used to celebrate our heroes on the sporting fields and courts - black or white. We rejoiced in their wins, shook our heads at their defeats. Race? Who the "bleep" cares about race? But, that America does not fit the narrative of the divide and conquer culture.

Sadly, the cancel culture does all it can to marginalize anyone who offers a differing view. Anyone. It even feeds on itself and it's evident in the news.

The Mayor of Portland comes out to join the "protesters" and he has to pulled from the group by his security team. Ted Wheeler is pretty far out to the left, but the Klantifa members consider him a waste.

So, I offer other voices. Three gentlemen (later joined by a lady) who all happen to be black. They represent a growing view inside the black community and the reason I know that is because my friends (who happen to be black) tell me and it is evident on YouTube, podcasts, and writing.

Take in as much as you want. You can tell immediately the core beliefs of these guys. This kind of dialogue needs to be shared because the illiberals want it silenced. The party of tolerance cannot tolerate this stuff simply because they disagree. If that's you - go see your pastor. Spend some time in prayer and self-reflection.

Always remember, Satan is about subtraction and division; God is all about addition and multiplication.

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