Who Exactly Wants To Abolish The Police?

There some uncomfortable truths we have to deal with today. One of them is that there are bigots and racists in all shades of skin color. It's just a fact. Whether you listen to David Duke or Louis Farrakhan. Their rhetoric is hateful. Thankfully, David Duke has been placed on the sideline of irrelevance by most; sadly Farrakahn (who loves to talk about himself in the third person) has seen a resurgence. That is a topic for another day.

Another hard truth is that most members of the mainstream media (MSM) are immersed in a different kind of bigotry. With few exceptions the profession is a cesspool which explains the exodus from the New York Times from writers and editors who still had a conscience and just could not take it anymore. These people, far from conservatives, could not work day-to-day in a world of such hate.

This brings us to the recent theme of "defund the police" or "abolish the police" and screeds of the same ilk. It's ignorant. It's also a message which, on the streets, does not resemble the one you see and read in the MSM outlets.

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