WATCH! Facebook Content Moderator Makes Stunning Admission

This is a real shocker (kidding). A Facebook content censor (yes, censor) admits to banning anyone wearing a MAGA hat. Think about THAT for a minute...Make America Great Again is worthy of banning and Mark Zuckerberg dares to claim no bias inside his company.

By the way the haters always ask with indignation, "When was America great?" The answer: When we could solve our problems. America's difference and exceptionalism is found in the ability to admit it is not perfect, then get better by fixing wrongs.

Speaking of...there's a simple fix to this and that is strip Facebook, Twitter, etc. from any protections they enjoy from their collective founding claims of being a platform for expression when they have become publishers editing out content they do not like. There is no freedom of expression on these platforms.

Simply put - if Facebook, and the rest, lost such protections it could be sued like other publishers are sued for irresponsible actions.

I refuse to use Twitter and the only reason I am on FB is because it is a job requirement.

Tip of the cap to James O'Keefe and Project Veritas for, once again, pulling the mask off of phoneys, hypocrites, and liars.

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