Did You Miss It? Navy SEAL Derrick Van Orden

When I was first introduced to Derrick Van Orden it was in the movie "Act of Valor." The movie was made about Navy SEALS and featured Navy SEALS. The lead was Rorke Denver, a former guest on The Morning Show. The man introduced in the film as "Senior Chief" was Derrick's character.

It was one of, if not the, favorite character of mine in the film. (There is one minor profanity in the clip)

Once thing is clear, Derrick Van Orden is well prepared for the halls of Congress. After five, count 'em FIVE, tours of duty as a SEAL, there is nothing he will face which will intimidate him and he makes it very clear in our interview.

He will be a regular on my show because his voice needs to be heard. I also want you to consider helping him win Wisconsin's 3rd Congressional district and flip the seat sending the Pelosi Committee Whip Rep. Ron Kind home for good.

You will enjoy this guy.

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