Florida Recount In Chaos After Wrong Ballots Counted In Broward County

Election workers perform a manual recount of ballots on November 16, 2018 at the Orange County Supervisor of Elections Office in Orlando, Florida

The manual recount in the Florida Senate race between Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson and Republican Governor Rick Scott was hit with another issue after volunteers started counting the wrong ballots

About an hour after hundreds of volunteers began the painstaking process of recounting the votes on Saturday morning, lawyers realized the volunteers were counting ballots from Friday, and they included ones from the race for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture, which is also undergoing a manual recount. 

“It appears there may have been some ballots from yesterday mixed in with the ones for today,” Broward Canvassing Board Judge Deborah Carpenter-Toye said. 

Officials found 47 manilla envelopes from the Senate race mixed in with the envelopes for the Commissioner of Agriculture election. The recount was halted for about one hour while the situation was rectified. 

As Sunday's noon deadline for the manual recount looms, Nelson's campaign seems unlikely to make up enough ground to win the Senate race. 

Photo: Getty Images


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