This Is America's Most Dangerous Highway

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Sorry, Florida drivers. Teletrac Navman is out with its list of the 25 most dangerous highways in the US, and three of the five worst are in the Sunshine State, Click Orlando reports. The absolute worst? Florida's Interstate 4, which is just 132 miles long—it connects Tampa, Orlando, and Daytona—yet, between 2011 and 2015, 165 traffic fatalities took place on it. 

Florida's State Route 192 is also on the list, but the third Florida highway that made the top five—Interstate 95—actually stretches all the way to Massachusetts, so its fatalities could have taken place in any one of a number of states. The Lone Star State doesn't fare so well, either: Nearly half of the top 10 are in Texas. 

The full top 10 and their number of deaths per mile of highway:

  • Interstate 4, Florida: 1.250
  • Interstate 45, Texas: 1.012
  • State Road 192, Florida: 0.87
  • Interstate 17, Arizona: 0.84
  • Interstate 95, Florida to Massachusetts: 0.73

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