An investigation by Tallahassee Reports indicates that the store front for the Gold Buyers of Tallahassee, located at 2784-1 Capital Circle NE, was used as the address for another company, Southland Specialties of Tennessee, Inc. to qualify as a local vendor during the City of Tallahassee procurement process.

According to state records, the registered agent and all officers of Southland Specialties of Tennessee reside in St. Augustine, Florida.

Tallahassee Reports recently learned that the City Commission voted to award a two year contract to Southland Specialties of Tennessee for the mowing of City street medians and rights-of-way.

A local small business owner called Tallahassee Reports and complained about an out-of-town vendor mowing City median’s on Southeast Capital Circle.

Research by Tallahassee Reports discovered that on February 13, 2013 the City Commission voted 5-0 to award a 2-year contract  to Southland Specialties, Inc. of Tennessee, located in St. Augustine, Florida.

The amount of the contract was not to exceed $566,229.95 in FY2013 for the mowing of City street medians and rights-of-way.