On Wednesday, March 12, 2014, Mayor John Marks used an electronic kill switch to repeatedly turn off the microphone being used by Dr. Erwin Jackson during the time allotted for citizens to speak to the City Commission.

Dr. Jackson, who has been a frequent participate in the unagendaed speaker portion of City Commission meeting over the last five years, was speaking about a subject discussed two weeks earlier by another citizen.

That citizen was allowed to speak and was unchallenged by Mayor Marks.

However, upon hearing the beginning of Dr. Jackson’s 3-minute speech, the Mayor killed the microphone and stated “personal attacks will not be tolerated.”

After Dr. Jackson tried again to speak on the same subject, again the microphone was cut-off.

When Dr. Jackson tried to move on and discuss a different aspect of the subject, the City’s $35,000 settlement of a lawsuit, Dr. Jackson was again cut off and asked to sit down. When Dr. Jackson did not sit down, the Mayor asked a police officer to “escort Dr. Jackson to a seat.”