Current City Commissioner and Mayoral candidate Andrew Gillum is refusing to answer questions about his employer, the People for the American Way, and how their policy positions could effect Tallahassee if he becomes Mayor.

In fact, Gillum threatened legal action against Tallahassee Reports for writing that he is employed by the People for the American Way even though his financial disclosure form clearly states he works for the People for the American Way.

Gillum’s email read:

“This is an incorrect story and if do not print a retraction I will involve a lawyer in your libelous and slanderous claims!…I work for People For the American Way FOUNDATION, a 501C3 nonprofit that cannot legally participate in partisan politics. “

The email was in response to a story published by Tallahassee Reports investigating the connection between the People for the American Way, Gillum, and a blog called Right Wing Watch.