The "New Look" GOP?
I would like to try an experiment...take a solid minute or two and think about the question and the answer it evokes.  Go ahead; I'll wait...

...It's an exercise in modern day futility. 

What the heck is that supposed to mean - the new look GOP?  Google it and you will find all kinds of possible answers.  From the inclusion of same sex marriage and outreach to gays to pointed efforts at snagging young people and minorities.

Though no one asked let me take a stab at answering the question of what it ought to mean because I know that nobody inside the RNC has a clue.

The new look GOP ought to:

  • Forget about winning elections and concern itself with winning hearts and minds with thoughtful, intentional messaging.
  • Allow social issues to be battled in the states, not on the national level.  Win enough battles (states) you will win the war (nation).
  • Stake out firm convictions about the role of government and legislate to those convictions.  In other words...if the GOP truly believes in limited government THEN LIMIT IT!
  • Be consistent and constant in the hammer a nail you hit the head of it time and again.  To that end I would hit the streets and ask people, on camera, in the various groups you are trying to reach (minorities and college age - whatever that means anymore) to react to various ideas that relate to tax policy, personal liberty, etc.  I would NOT disclose that you are recording the results for the GOP.  Then use the on camera reactions in commercials played over and over again where those demographics watch and listen.  The proper positions are right (ie: correct) and are supported when people, regardless of their ethnicity and age, hear them.  This lays the groundwork to reintroducing people to the Republican Party and what it stands for.
  • Dump the old guard out of leadership.  These are the people that supported Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio.  Remember them...GONE!  Then, find a younger multi-ethnic group of spokespersons and turn them loose.

In the immortal words of Officer Jimmy Malone in the movie The Untouchables..."Thus endeth the lesson."