Preston Scott's unresting place! (notice the tissues)

This has been my home for nearly a week.  The couch in the great room with my new friend...a warm blanket and another close friend the remote.  Simply put, I have been sick.  Very sick.  In fact, I have not been this sick in many years (as evidenced by the sick time I have available).

Anyone who listened to the return week after New Year's knew I did not sound right. Though my return was marked by a hilarious "Burgundy-esque" first hour, I was fighting it.  But, I manned up and made it though the week.  

Then it hit.  Until my Tuesday late night visit to medical professionals (which tells you something) I endured five days of 100-103 degree fevers.  I wasn't "delirious", but I did dream during a brief respite that...oh, nevermind.

The diagnosis was the onset of pneumonia.  One shot in the rear end, one breathing treatment, repeated use of an inhaler (which is a new experience to me), two prescriptions of meds, and a cadre of tea, throat drops, and soups and I think I have turned the corner.  

There have been lots of very painful (and non-productive) coughing spells combined with virtually no sleep. I have watched way too much of the Australian Open, but have enjoyed some great episodes of Survivorman with recent TMS guest Les Stroud.  

As of now, Tuesday is the target day.  There is much to discuss including one of the most intriguing local news notes ever...City Commissioner Gil Ziffer wanting to do a local talk show to go head-to-head against me from 6-9 AM.  

UPDATE: A preliminary opinion by attorneys representing the Florida Commission on Ethics nixed the idea, but this is a City Commissioner...NOTHING is that simple, is it?

A couple of quick thoughts on the Commissioner's idea.  

It reminded me of the guy who came into a Phoenix radio station I worked at in about 1984 who asked about a sales job and when one was not available asked about "something on the air?".  The guy had no experience, but openly wondered "How hard can it be?"

I am chuckling (which has prompted a coughing spell which hurts!).  

Additionally, I am guessing the good, and recently solid thinking, Commissioner has not considered what the FCC has to say about the subject.  I will give you a hint: If I ever ran for office I would have to quit my radio job.

Should I be flattered?  Gil (and likely others) think doing a talk show is so easy. Think about must be, right?  After-all I have done more than 2,800 shows..."How hard could it be?"  That is about 47,600 segments with unique content and roughly 5,800 guests and interviews.  How is that possible?  

Maybe Gil has experience I do not know about.  But, really who cares?  I love it...this is America!  Go for your dream...make it happen!

I can promise you this...along with the team that makes up The Morning Show on 100.7 FM, WFLA, I will continue to prepare to offer you interesting guests, thoughtful and provoking topics, and a most professional radio program.  And not just locally, where our audience continues to grow and has never been larger, but we will continue to strive for our program to be the best "listen" in talk audio magazine unlike anything anywhere else.  

By the way...I cannot wait to invite Commissioner Ziffer on the show.  He is getting an invitation for next week!