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Click Here  My trip to Walmart put me in the path of a "loon"

Click Here  Jason Collins gets a call from the Prez for being gay...whatever

Click Here  Libya is far from settled and FNR's Emily Wither called in from Jerusalem

Click Here  Rep. Michelle Rehwinkle Vasilinda talk state governance

Click Here  Uncle Preston offers wisdom on why 18-35 yr. olds can't get a job

Click Here  Sharia law is the focus of new world-wide survey - fascinating

The Stories

Florida Senate kills FRS changes
It is a horrendous decision by the Senators who have refused to make changes citing the need to attract good workers.  

Teacher raises may come sooner
There's a way, according the Senate President Don Gaetz, to get pay increases in the pipeline a year sooner...which means this year.  

Florida House, Senate stall on Medicaid
The feds are dangling money and the Senate is willing to take it; the House is not. Thus a stalemate. 

Benghazi whistle-blower makes HUGE claim
Someone in the know says the feds know who was behind the terrorist attack that claimed the lives of four Americans, but will not act.  

U.S. House Dems: Global warming can lead to prostitution
The source (liberals) is not surprising, but even taking that into consideration the propostition (pun intended) is a bit surprising. 

Baby butcher not alone?
It would seem that the Butcher of Philly, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, may not be alone in his contempt for human life and the oath he took as a doctor long ago.  Undercover efforts are revealing a disgusting truth.  

Morning-after pill gets FDA OK for over-the-counter
Gee, and kids 15 and older can be sure to get them.  Of course, we're just wondering how to card someone without a driver's license?  Oh, who cares? 

Muslims around the world
Take a look at what polling indicates what Muslims globally think about some of the more severe aspects of their faith.  Then, try to tell me I am wrong about what I have been telling you for 2,672 shows.