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The Stories

Session will focus on election fines...maybe  There are ethics and there are elections.  We know that the system for dealing with the former is irretrievably broken.  The latter might be worse as elected leaders avoid paying fines for election misdeeds altogether. 

ChiComs hacking U.S. government  Interesting story until the end when U.S. Sen. Diane Feinstein suggest that if a law is passed the Chinese will have to stop because the law says there.

Chicago Police Chief  Open mouth and insert foot.  The amazing thing about the series of comments made by the Windy City's top cop is that he sees nothing wrong with it.

The Shelter  Not really sure that this is news, but it is what the local newspaper of record decided to report.  Short version: The board of The Shelter will monitor the donations. OK, glad that's covered.  Now how about asking questions about Social Security and Disability checks? The board chair will be with Preston on TMS at 8:08 AM.

Oxy being used by addicts less  That's the good news; the bad is that it is being replaced by heroin.

Florida Supreme Court slam-dunked by SCOTUS  The United States Supreme Court unanimously ruled for drug-sniffing dogs and against Florida's High Court.  Bad reflection on state.