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The Stories

PAC "crowd" wants your tax dollars 
I have been screaming from the wall for years now and the local paper has finally caught up.  The chance of a performing arts center being built depends on squeezing you through the Blueprint sales tax extension.  Do you want to fund it with 80-90% of the money being your tax dollars?  According to its own projections, roughly a million of your tax dollars or more a year would be needed to keep the PAC operating. 

Performing Arts Centers elsewhere
The news is not good and each of you would be wise to keep this mind as the PAC "crowd" attempts to use tax dollars to build and sustain one locally. 

Rand Paul flip-flops in a major way
After gaining huge props for waging war against drone strikes in America U.S. Senator Rand Paul reversed course on Tuesday.  A stunning development. 

Senator Nelson gets after it
When you are a former astronaut you become used to tackling big Jamaican bad guys scamming U.S. seniors.  Oh, yeah!  Astronaut Bill.