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Click Here  Emily Wither, Fox News Radio, talks Boston bombing from Jerusalem

Click Here  From Capitol Hill FNR's Jared Halpern and fed response to bombing

Click Here  Listeners called in to Preston to offer their theories on Boston

Click Here  Ralph Benko writes for Forbes and talked with us about gold news

Click Here  Preston walks down memory lane, talks sportscaster Pat Summerall

Conversations on Wednesday's program

We'll head to Jerusalem at 6:23 AM to talk with FOX News reporter Emily Wither and reaction in the Middle East to Monday's bombing in Boston. Then at 7:08 AM Fox's Jared Halpern will tell us the Feds are doing to track the source of the bombs. Finance expert Ralph Benko will explain what is happening to the price of gold and the threat to the gold standard at 7:38 AM and in the 8:37 AM slot we'll tell you about a strength team that is coming to town to offer a little inspiration. 


Tax Day surprises
Notice from where the article originates.  Quick take: wealthier citizens get crushed paying for government and entitlements. 

Gold takes huge hit
Events in China have rocked the price of gold in the markets.  Largest percentage drop in price in thirty years. 

More ObamaCare victims
Regal theater chain is cutting hours to a whole lot of employees?  Why?  You guessed it...the health care law.  Let's do some rudementary math...more than 500 theaters, 38 states...yeah, you get the idea. 

Governor nominates Edgar, again
The PSC (Public Service Commission) is a really big deal.  The question is why would Governor Rick Scott place Lisa Edgar in nomination with questions about her ethics and personal finances.  Perhaps he does not know of her and her husband's bankruptcy. 

Sportscaster Pat Summerall passes away
He was Preston's dad's broadcast partner for many years and a good friend.  Now, one of the best sportscasters in America is gone.  So sad.