The City of Tallahassee has routinely and consistently done everything it can to make things more difficult for people just like you from having a say in what happens to our community.

For years I have pointed out to senior City staffers how difficult it is just to email the Commissioners and the Mayor. I am convinced they want it that way, especially after the last change on the web site. Rather than go into the changes they made (and not for the better) how about I just move this story along?

The Commission voted 3-2 to NOT accept the key recommendation of the Ethics Advisory Panel and instead just hire someone to work under the City Attorney or Auditor. Uh, no...that will not work. With all of the misdeeds, some covered for by the City Attorney's office, Tallahassee needs an independent ethics officer with some authority.

So, a diverse (and I mean diverse) of citizens formed a group with the daunting task of securing more than nine thousand city residents signatures on a petition to force the City's hand by changing the City Charter and mandating it. Organizers obtained more than twenty thousand signatures. A strong indicator that the three members of the Commission that stopped it to begin with are completely out of touch with the rest of us.

Let's consider each one: Nancy Miller - running for re-election, you can put her off of the Commission; Andrew Gillum - running for Mayor, you can put him off of the Commission; John Marks - he is out regardless.

In the meantime, send a note explaining your reasons for wanting an independent ethics officer. Then, show up Wednesday, September 3 at 12:00 at City Hall (I told you, they do not want to hear from you...12:00 PM, when people work - hey, at least it is lunch hour, right?) on the 2nd floor and make your thoughts known in three minutes. Note this meeting was changed from this Friday.

Since the City makes it's the link to email the Commissioners - one at a time or all at once.