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The Stories

Leon County to vote on domestic partnership  This is interesting.  Even though she did not mention it during her campaign for the County Commission, new Commissioner Mary Ann Lindley decided to make the issue her first policy priority.  At least five fellow commissioners are poised to pass the measure.  What, has no one heard of a durable power of attorney?

Florida Chamber says expand Medicaid if...  There are some eleven conditions that must be met for it to become an endorsement of the idea.  Still, this backing of the expansion is surprising.

Detroit's former Mayor faces long term  Kwame Kilpatrick abused his office and disgraced, not only himself, but the position of an elected leader.  He could face 20 years in prison. 

NYC soda ban stopped  A New York State Judge has put the brakes on the ridiculous and infamous "soda ban" that the City imposed on restaurants and citizens.  Should the Mayor be turned out for costing business so much money preparing for the ban?

L.A. vs. guns  This is classic California liberalism (it's the same except with sunstroke).  Charge legal gun owners more money to pay for raids on people who break the law.

Gorebal Warming impact  This is what happens when people repeatedly publish lies and half-truths...alarm and the potential for very bad and expensive policy.

"Five Guys" prices heading up  Due to a rise in business costs due to ObamaCare this trendy burger joint will raise prices.  Enjoy!