Preston spoke with Deanna Wharwood, a Veterans Coach, who had some great advice for Veterans trying to enter the civilian work force. Click Here to Listen.

Dan Peterson from Coalition for Property Rights joined The Morning Show to talk about Agenda 21 and how it could affect your personal property. Click Here to Listen.

The Stories

Despite filibuster Ethics Panel makes bold suggestions
I was there as one member of the Ethics Advisory Panel tried to delay and enlongate discussions on meaningful changes in the ethics policies for the City of Tallahassee. The panel ended up with a decisive 5-2 vote in favor of an independent ethics officer. While there's more to be determined the final say belongs to the City Commissioners.  This promises to be on the docket on Tuesday.  

51st state?
How about North Colorado?  Eight counties are fed up with the liberal direction that the state has taken and want to form their own state.  

Fed Study: Taxes hurting economy
The evidence is all over and now comes by way of the Federal Reserve of San Francisco that the tax increases that have come under Democrat control is the reason why the economy has not improved.  

California school holds TOY gun buyback
Absurdity has reached new lows in, of course, California.  The P.C. world has hit toy guns.     

P.S. Barack...
Want a fun idea?  Try adding a little something to your e-mail since all the President's buddies are reading our notes.  This writer offers suggestions for post scripts that could find their way to the President. 

Rubio...What the heck?
Here's the new order of efforts regarding illegal immigration: 1) Legalization; 2) Enforcement; 3) Process for residence.   

Report: Tebow signed by Pats
Did the New England Patriots actually sign maligned, but popular icon Tim Tebow?