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The Stories

The Inauguration  The word was that ticket prices for the Inauguration Ball were plunging.  Locally, a use was found for the Brogan Museum as it hosted a local event.

MLK Day no more?  Our host makes the case for an end to the day honoring Dr. Martin Luther King and replacing it.  Nearly all who hear the idea (black and white alike) think the notion has merit.  7:08 AM. 

Gov. Scott not appointing enough black judges  It would seem that black state lawmakers are more concerned with the color of one's skin.  Dr. Martin Luther King would approve, wouldn't he?

1 Drug, $1.3 million in Medicare overpayment  An audit uncovered the gaffe.  Wonder how much gets watsed in government programs annually?  A private, Jacksonville based company is responsible.

Did long lines turn away voters?  One Ohio State University professor estimates about 200,000 voters chose not to vote due to the lines and the wait.  Sad.

Lupe Fiasco  Besides choosing for himself an idiotic on-stage name, the rapper calls out Obama and USA.  Yet, he derives a living in the nation he slams.

OK, so it's unconstitutional  The idea is simple.  Either chamber of Congress that does not pass a budget, those members will not be paid until they do.  Sadly, it violates the Constitution, namely the 27th Amendment.  To that we say, "Who cares?  It's not like the Constitution matters anyway."

Geneticist says Neanderthal baby possible  All he needs is an adventurous woman who is willing to go through the process.  What the process might be is not listed.