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The Stories

The State of The Union  We'll hear what the President has to say on Tuesday night; we want to know what you think on Tuesday morning.

Greer pleads guilty  Former RPOF Chairman Jim Greer cut a deal to avoid a potential life ending jail term.  His plea also keeps a lot of people from testifying which could have been very embarrassing.

100 yr. old Oyster farm shut down  The Obama administration met few jobs or industries it has not liked killing.  Take this as just one example.  The result: 40% of California's oysters will not be harvested.

Red snapper being killed by Feds  No we are not kidding...Millions pounds of good eating are being killed due a program by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

Putin turns oil to gold  As the world's largest oil producer Russia has the capital to become the world's largest purchaser of gold.  Great.

Federal workers: Not enough $$$  The average federal pay is staggering and yet its union say that more is required.  The proposed raise is not good enough.

bin Laden shooter in need  The guy who says he pulled the trigger states through reporter for Esquire that he has been left out in the cold.

Asteroid: Global warming?  A dimwit at CNN actually asks if the asteroid heading to our satellite belt above the atmosphere.

Scoreboard: Snakes 149,950 Hunters 50  The saga we have followed for a few years ends with, well, an outloud chuckle.  Really, 50 pythons were hunted down by roughly 1,500 hunters.  That's just downright pathetic.