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Click Here  In the opening segment, some observations about panhandling

Click Here  The latest from Boston...heard the name Bin Laden in the mix?

Click Here  Stop Common Core at The Capitol - Karen Schoen chatted with me

Click Here  Steve Stewart has a busy week covering all manner of local government

Click Here  One person's fight against sexual abuse

Click Here  Numbers in the news - from cobras to Howard Eisenman

The Stories

Bomber: Charged!
The FBI tipped its hand a bit in the Federal indictment against the surviving Boston Marathon Bomber.  Also, the FBI missed "Dark Hat's" (dead suspect one) trip to Russia because the computer system could not handle a misspelled name.  Are you kidding me!?!?!

Obama 2008
It could be that President, then candidate, Barack Obama never secured enough legal signatures to be on the Indiana ballot in the run-up to the 2008 election.  Uh-oh.  

"Snapping by the millions" 
This article suggests that our nation is hooked on antidepressants.  It's an alarming analysis that I might talk about...the problem is that the whole story is stressing me out.  

Too good to be true?  
Could you imagine a mainstream media where the Chicago Tribune, L.A. Times, Baltimore Sun, Orlando Sentinal, and more would be owned by conservatives?  It could happen.  

Teacher pay raises may be adjusted
The Governor wanted to give out $2,500 raises to all teachers.  Lawmakers want raises connected to merit.  We link, you decide.