The real Trayvon Martin
It's a whole new game when it comes to reporting.  The mainstream media's penchant for political correctness, and general arrogance, has given birth to online news sources doing true investigative journalism.  You have to look no further than Tallahassee Reports as a local example of what happens when an established "news" source abandons its ethical obligation to report the news.

With "The Myth of Trayvon Martin" we have a concerted effort to leave out information and images that paint the deaprted in an unflattering light.  Consequently, few know who the true Trayvon Martin is and, more importantly, why he might have found himself in a situation that led to his death. 

So far, George Zimmerman's story has been proven accurate by the prosecution's own witnesses against him.  What is curious to me is that there may be reason to believe his recorded 911 call observation that Martin may have been hopped up on something.  The reports I have linked to give great detail, and I guarantee information you have NOT seen before.  Lest you miss it, there's a part one and a part two.

But, allow me to dangle a few questions your way...

Did you know that Martin was obessessed with MMA fighting?

Did you know that the night he died he spent fifty-three minutes wandering around after getting his Skittles? 

Did you know that his Twitter and YouTube accounts have been scrubbed, but not before the contents were grabbed by reporters?

Did you know that many have every reason to believe that Trayvon was involved in selling drugs?

Did you know that these two photos existed?  (BTW: Spare me the "Hey, what's wrong with holding a wad of cash in a picture?" excuse.  Really...the kid was a punk.

Not quite the image we have been presented with is it?