The Tonight Show with Jay Leno began on May 25, 1992.  He had a Herculean task...following an icon - Johnny Carson.  But, the easy going, somewhat family-friendly comedian eased into the role.  Still, three years later, in July of 1995 he trailed rival David Letterman. 

There's a history there because many thought Letterman to be the heir-apparent to Carson.  But he got snubbed and off he went to CBS to great, and enduring, success.  Still, in any facet of entertainment being number one is very important.

We come to July 10, 1995.  Leno welcomed actor Hugh Grant to The Tonight Show.  A couple weeks earlier, Grant had been arrested for an indescretion we will leave to the pages of a police report.  But, it was Jay Leno's first question and interview that launched him to number one.  A spot he never relinquished.

You just ever know, do you?