Maybe we ought to hijack the thing.

The cadence is catchy.  The words are so simple - "I believe that we will win!". With the success of the U.S. Men's National Team people all over the country and around the world now know "The Chant".

In considering this craze , I "believe" there is something deeper at work.  Our country is in a collective funk.  The state of our nation is depressing for a host of reasons.  Historically, Americans have turned to sports to shake off the doldrums.  Back in the Great Depression it was  boxer Jim Braddock, also known as "The Cinderella Man" and in the wake of the Depression is was the race horse Seabiscuit.

Even in the late 1970's when gas prices soared and Americans were held hostage in Iran the 1980 Winter Olympics gave us the "Miracle on Ice".

Today, there is a desire to "believe" and that is a very powerful word.  It is a word that translates faith, something that many are sorely lacking today.  Perhaps, this simple chant means more than the chance at victory on the pitch.  Just maybe, this "I believe that we will win!" is a not-so-subtle rallying cry for all of us to tie in to something greater, to "believe" that we can win once Americans...with one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.