UPDATE: You can attend the Wednesday workshop at 3:00 PM at City Hall.  Citizens are usually allowed three minutes to make comments.

City of Tallahassee Commissioners are about to tell a "blue ribbon" advisory panel made up, in part, of the former President of The American Bar Association and a former Florida State Supreme Court Chief Justice that it does not know what it is talking about.

WFLA has been told that Commissioners are planning to not allow a new Ethics Officer to be independent, but will require it to answer to the City Attorney and/or the City Auditor.  Commissioners are scheduled to hold a brief meeting on Wednesday at 3:00 PM prior to a regular Commission meeting. This not only mocks the entire panel's months of testimony, study, and recommendations, but all citizens who have read the repeated accounts of questionable actions by elected leaders in Tallahassee Reports.  We have discussed just some of these issues on my show over the years.  The FBI has spent three years investigating and has yet to exonerate. 

Let Commissioners hear from you before noon Wednesday and let them know you demand an independent Ethics Officer.  You might remind them that if they do not do what the Ethics Advisory Panel recommended you will support a ballot measure to force them to appoint an independent Ethics Officer.

You can write them one-by-one or all at once.  Go here.