When you hear the folks behind the movie, "Son of God", explain it; it makes perfect sense.  Satan has been cast out of the movie.  He has been left on the literal cutting room floor. 

The movie is an extension of a highly watched TV docu-drama.

When the History Channel's "The Bible" miniseries highlighted the confrontation between a weary and parched Jesus and His arch enemy, there was the howl of laughter.  Jokes were born in seconds.  That reaction shaped the decision to ditch the devil.

The TV/movie makers wanted people talking about Jesus, not Satan.  That's understandable.  But, you cannot fully grasp the story without looking at the clip which shows Jesus' temptation and Satan - who, oh by the way, is a dead-ringer for the President, Barack Obama.

I kid you not...in fact, fast forward Obama about twenty-five years or so and I will bet the farm the President will look exactly like the dude playing ol' Beelzebub.