Here's the narrative: Yellowstone Park is a massive super volcano.  It recently had it's first major tremor in 34 years and many believe that it is due to blow.  Out comes this video clip showing buffalo fleeing down a hill, away from "the volcano" and running down a two lane paved road.

But, is it fake?

My opinion is below and I will add a little fuel to the controversy with my "theory".  But, do not be influenced by my thoughts before you see it yourself.

Take a look and it legit?

As many have noted...where are the shadows on the shrubs and thin yellow poles that line the roadway?  When you look specifically at the hooves, they do not look right, at least to me.  Lastly, the video clip was posted by "Turner Radio Network".  Going to its website there is no information on who is behind TRN.  The first name that came to mind to me was Ted Turner, founder of CNN and namesake of...wait for it..."Ted's Montana Grill" and it's logo is...yep, a buffalo.  I could be completely over-thinking this - I admit that up front - but, if it is in any way connected to Ted's it is genius.

Sadly, Turner Radio Network is not the work of Ted Turner (I know, he's a lib, but he is a creative one), but of Hal Turner.  According to Wikipedia, old Hal is slightly off his rocker.  OK, that's unfair...he's completely off his rocker.