In the latter stages of my last column I wrote the following:

Maybe we should, in fact, be talking about training more people to properly defend themselves.  It won't prevent all shootings, but it could stop them (see Oregon's recent mall shooting).  Or, maybe we should be talking about the real problem plaguing America....the lack of a true north on our moral compass. 

It's doubtful that dealing with our moral decay would prevent the actions of people that fall into the category of sociopath, but it would address a bucket full of woes.  That's part two.

As you can tell by the dates on these two blogs I living what I wrote.  I have been deliberate in my response to the shooting in Newtown, CT and to the expected hysteria.  Today, a caller who is a liberal (but tried to described herself as a libertarian) audibly shook her head in disbelief with her liberal friends and the outcry against guns.

This simple phone call in "What's the Beef?" a dramatic opening for clear thinking conservatives.  It's call reasoned common-sense.  The ability to explain the facts regarding guns is needed and necessary.

Simply listen to my show and you will have (forgive me) all the ammo you need.  Today, for example, we shared the FBI stats that show more people dying from hammers and clubs each year than rifles. 

When all is said and done it's never the object it's the person.  If we allow ourselves to be bullied into the notion that guns need to be limited, then you must intellectually do the same with hammers, clubs, knives, vehicles, etc.

So, what's left?  People.  These imperfect vessels that sometimes go awry.  As long as there are people there will be mass murderers. 

I think the best thing we can do is make sure that gun laws allow people to carry weapons in schools or anywhere that are considered gun free zones.  If members of our government are afforded the protection provided by weapons, then so should we all possess that right.