The atmosphere was "electric" as TMS producer Nick Pierce strolled to the mound to deliver the first pitch at the Florida State baseball game on Sunday.  OK, maybe "electric" is a little over-the-top.  But, those of us in the "outdoor sky suite" were certainly giddy with anticipation.

You may remember, I one-hopped a pitch to the plate last season.  I was mortified, because I really do have a decent arm and, even at my age, should be able to deliver a strike. Still, unless you have done it, tossing out the first pitch is hard to prepare for even if you head out to the local high school field to practice. 

The reason is simple - depth.  You might thinking it's the nerves of doing it in front of people, but that was not the case for me.  For me it was the depth of the backstop behind home plate.  It was waaaaay back there.  When you first look up and take a peek, the plate appears to be hovering and it is hard to know just how hard to toss the ball.  I had (have) plenty of velocity, but I got cautious and paid the price with a skip. 

However, when Nick strolled up to the hill...oh, wait...he did not choose to ascend the, when Nick made his way to the grass just in front of the mound (gosh, it is laborious just describing it) I worried he might be in trouble. 

I knew he was in trouble when he paused.  The rest is recorded forever.