The Guests

Suzanne Venker, Author, 7:08 AM  Her article, "The War on Men" was not universally received with warm and fuzzies from some predictible segments of the populace. She will be a guest at The Village Square in Tallahassee on Tuesday.  Mrs. Venker will be with Preston first.

The Stories

4 things that will cost more in 2013  This is nothing more than sowing and reaping.  The list may help you make some prudent decisions.

Ethics case against Marks dismissed  It does not matter in today's world of politics that Mayor John Marks said one thing to fellow Commissioners and citizens and another to an Administrative Judge in sworn tesitmony.  We'll explain.

Guns & teachers debate grows  See, Preston is not the only one talking about the controversial (and correct?) idea of allowing teachers the option of carrying a concealed weapon in the classroom.

Dems voted against debt ceiling increase in 2006  The same men and women who opposed raising the debt ceiling when George W. Bush was President are all in with Barack Obama in the White House.

"Don't feed the animals"  Ironic.  The government warns the public about feeding animals (like bears) in national parks.  Why?  So they do not grow dependent.  Hmmm.

Gorebal warming hits by "rest of the data"  When word came out about how hot 2012 was in the U.S. the liberal number crunchers in the MSM ignored some details that change the story.

Home loan borrowers/foreclosures   There is a Friday deadline you need to be mindful of if you lost your home to foreclosure within a four year window.

1-in-5 women binge drink  Here's a sobering stat from the CDC.  What's up with that gals?

Wyoming moves to protect 2nd Amendment  If the feds move against weapon ownership it could to turn into a battle over the 10th amendment and state's rights.  Sound familiar?

800 head out for pythons  The "Python Challenge" is officially underway in Florida's Everglades.