Printed it is two pages at the most.  Yes, my plan would require a little more detail, but in a nutshell here it I would fix our nation.  Note: This is not written for eloquence (if I had any anyway), but for brevity:


  1. You cannot break up the two main parties the way it has been done, ie: Libertarian Party. The LP has 141 folks elected to various offices. However, the majority of those were in non-partisan races where party affiliation mattered little. Still, at 141 that means the Libertarians have captured roughly .000257 of the offices available. In other words – all these kind of splinter parties do is cost the main parties (usually the GOP) elections. That will not work for me, but that does not mean we need to keep waiting for the GOP to get its head on straight. Hence, The United States Party – The Party of US. Social issues move to the state level – a party of empowerment through tax, entitlement, healthcare, immigration, and energy policy changes and dissolution of the Department of Education. You must take people from each party to be competitive. The size of government must be reduced. However, the order in which that is done is crucial. Think a drug addict…slow and gradual.

  2. To energize the economy there are fundamental changes that must be made. This starts with the penny plan. One percent a year until surplus status is reached and debt begins to be paid down. Additionally, we must resolve to move to a flat tax where all working citizens contribute to the national economy. Though a FAIR Tax proponent, the reality is that people will never take the time to understand it and business might be too tempted to not back their prices out…so a flat tax with no deductions will be advocated. This brings certainty to the economy on all levels. The recommended level would be roughly 12-15%. The elimination of the minimum wage, the roll back of it, or the introduction of the training wage would be necessary. This will bring an increase in entry level jobs and open opportunities to new workers.

  3. Energy policy is simple…go get it while allowing for the expansion of responsible technology to allow extraction safely and let the market work on alternatives…like solar tiles. Remove ethanol mandates and allow states to determine fuel standards. If a state wants to simply fuel standards so that one fuel is used year-round, so be it.

  4. Welfare recipients would need to show proof of disability and/or efforts to obtain employment. Those on supplemental income would be allowed to gradually reduce their dependency as their employment income increases. There would be a hard time limit for welfare benefits.

  5. Citizens would have the option of opting out of Social Security and, overtime, the government would exit the retirement business. This would require new workers to agree to invest and provide their own retirement. This would stimulate the private sector and investment. It would strengthen families – over time to care for one another and to provide for their own futures.

  6. Close the border for up to five years. No immigration into the nation. Secure the border with the development of military bases on the southern border first to actively patrol and secure the national boundary. This includes the necessary fences, walls (above and below grade), and technology. Then, enforce existing laws on status and employment. Give illegals five years to leave the country and submit proper documents to immigrate legally or obtain migrant worker status, etc. In this five year window English would be the national language. National mandates to educate in one’s native tongue would be abolished. States would determine whether it wants to spend its resources on such forms of education. Future immigrants would be given one year to learn the language before being granted permanent status.

  7. Healthcare overhaul will be required by implementing free market principles. Health care providers would be encouraged to publish prices as a best practice. Tort reform would include changes in how healthcare professionals are brought to trial for malpractice bringing to an end the defensive medicine that is necessary in today’s climate. Church models of shared cost would be looked at as possible models. Insurance would return to being actual insurance – which is the management of calculated risk. Citizens would bear primary responsibility for their own healthcare and that of their children. It will take years to bring about the necessary shift in public responsibility. But, costs will immediately have downward pressure.

  8. Lastly, end the assault on our nation's religious heritage. Christianity needs to be embraced and acknowledged, though not forced on anyone.