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The Stories

Florida abortion ban bill filed  It would be the strongest law in the nation.  Though the challenges are many some GOP lawmakers are going for a complete ban.

"Anti-sharia" law filed  To many this is one of those "It's about time" kind of things.  For a few others, no so cool.  We vote...well, listen tomorrow.

Filibuster nets small victory  U.S. Sen. Rand Paul may be on to something.  He employed an old tactic and secured a new win.  The President has issued a comment regarding drones on U.S. soil.  Of course, BO is not the most honest guy in the world.

Florida 2012: Romney 54 Obama 13  Go figure, but it is interesting to see it laid out.

White House calligraphers  Yes, we're watching the President whine and complain about cuts, including the shut down of White House tours (with volunteers that run things, mind you) and we are paying three people a total of $300,000 a year plus bennies to write invitations.  Whatever.

Schools and guns = Denial  This is a wonderful article filled with facts that ought to be memorized. BTW: This story dates to May 2010.

"Dumb as an ashtray"  The guy who runs Ruper Murdoch's FOX News operation has offered some candid appraisals of some newsmakers.  Guess who that first line referred to?

The Vikings actually had one  It's called a "sunstone" and it was thought to be mystical and, perhaps, mythical.  Not any why.