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The Guests

Tony Bennett, Florida Commissioner of Education, 7:08 AM

Mark Wilson, President, Florida Chamber of Commerce, 7:37 AM

Bill Glass, NFL Legend, Founder of Champions for Life, 8:37 AM                            (Bill will be speaking here)

The Stories

Florida Supremes support State pension changes  The liberals are having a collective aneurysm the ruling that forced public workers to contribute 3% of their paycheck to their own retirement. 

Local Zaxby's hit with credit card fraud  Some of the local stores, part of the Georgia-based chain, were victimized. 

Remember that list of gun owners?  The Gannett owned Journal News, which covers some New York counties, might be facing some serious trouble as more homes are burglarized of guns and permits after their addresses were published.

Benghazi: Better late than never...sort of  Some Americans think Ben Ghazi produced a video that mocked Islam and got everyone all riled up.  Maybe that's why the White House has gotten away with stonewalling on the truth behind the story.

American Idol - Worst premier ever  As ratings go it was pretty bad for the iconic FOX program, yet it was still number one.  Perhaps the ridiculous double divas are the problem.

60% of youngins' plan on gun ownership  This could prove interesting.  Mystical polling in the MSM says the public is behind the President on gun control.  Then there's all of the other polls and studies like this one.

Orlando atheists want equal time  Because bibles were given away at a public school a group of the wayward want to offer its own materials.

And because you asked...caught & killed in Levy County.  Yes, it's a rattlesnake.