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Click Here  FNR's Rich Johnson on the internet sales tax bill

Click Here  Emily Wither from Jerusalem on chemical weapons used in Syria

Click Here  Politicians are trying to exempt themselves, aides from ObamaCare

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The Stories

Syria used chemical weapons
President Obama had stated that it would be "a game changer".  Now, after his own Secretary of Defense comfirms it, Obama goes wobbly.  What a great leader.  

States internet sales tax
Though there are lawmakers on both sides of the aisle who agree with the tax, some do not.  And those U.S. Senators are doing their best to stop the vote. 

Efforts for pols to duck ObamaCare
The report says that some members of Congress (both sides of the aisle) are efforting to exempt themselves from ObamaCare.  THIS, we cannot allow to happen.

Meanwhile, ObamaCare raising costs
The President promised his plan would lower costs.  It would seem that he lied...again. 

Florida Session: "Sweeping educational bill" 
While the executive and legislative branches haggle over teacher pay raises Florida Governor Rick Scott signed a massive bill into the books that makes broad changes in public education.  

Army demands changes to scope
I can't make this stuff up, citizens.  The U.S. Army does not like that the scopes they ordered have scriptures on them courtesy of the manufacturer's design.  It's ordering them "scraped off".  

Dems want border sealed
Interesting that polling shows a near super-majority of Democrats want the borders secured before anything else happens regarding immigration reform.   

"Not Without My Son!"
If you know the movie with "Daughter" replacing "Son" in the above title, you know the story.  If you do not, read this amazing tale of a mother's love.