Witnesses said the cold-blooded murderer, the “Thug-in-Peace”, was believed to have said, “Watch the news…I am going to be famous.” Then he ambushed rookie New Jersey police officer Melvin Santiago, 23, shooting him dead.

The punk murderer was rightly shot and killed by other officers returning fire.

Let’s pause for a moment. Did you notice it news directors, editors, reporters, and anchors? What’s missing from my brief introduction of this tragic story? 

The name of the murderer. 

I rightly named the officer who, by virtue of being a police officer, is a hero.  Here, I’ll post his name again, Officer Melvin Santiago.

On the other hand, I will never write, speak, or breathe the name of the cowardly killer. I wish in the name of, not only decency but, curbing these kinds of killings you would all do the same.

Some of you have convinced yourselves that the public has a right to know, but you have forgotten what is right.

Stop publishing and reporting the names of killers!

Remember the words of this creep? He was “going to be famous.” He was seeking what nearly all of you offer. Attention. Notoriety. Sick celebrity. Op-Ed after Op-Ed has opined about gun control and ending “senseless murders”, but you have never done the one thing that is in your power and control to do; something that might actually make a difference. 

Stop publishing and reporting the names of killers!

The exception should be if a suspect is at large. In those circumstances it is the duty of media outlets to make the public aware of people that are dangerous and in need of being apprehended. If there are terror threats and good guys need to learn more about a network of bad guys – by all means advance the names. However, those are the exceptions.

Did you read and see the pathetic reaction of the killer’s family and devotees in Jersey City, NJ? Your publicizing of the murder’s name played a role in the creation of a memorial to the killer.  Seriously, a memorial to the killer!

The killer’s wife thought he should have taken more cops down with him since he was shot and killed by officers. Apparently, she took leave of her senses because her husband would be alive if he had not lay in wait to murder another man first.

The sad reality is that most of you (Megyn Kelly is a notable exception at FOX News) are contributing to the problem. People intent on doing bad things will always find a gun, but you control if their actions are publicized.

Let me challenge you directly…do all of you really want to see fewer senseless killings?

Then, stop publishing and reporting the names of killers!