Normally, a title like "a record year" would be welcome.  A reprieve in the midst of the drudgery of whatever.  But these are not normal times are they?

A Record Year...just allow the words to hang on your lips for a moment; to linger in the mind.  Imagine the possibilities.  With our current "situation" (aka: liberals running the White House, the Senate, influencing the House, and generally muddying the minds of many) we could choose from a list of "records" that could send us to our bedrooms to cry ourselves to sleep.

Many shed tears, rightfully so, over what happened a few weeks ago in a school in Connecticut.  So, as a result everyone is focused on guns.  Yes, it's a tragedy that 20 children were shot and killed.  But, the number pales, pales in comparison to the record I am going to refer to in moments.

Yes, there's one record that speaks to all others.  In fact, I think it is the baseline or foundation for all of the other horrific records set in the last twelve months.  This one comes courtesy of Planned Parenthood where the organization has trumpeted proudly the news of a record number of abortions performed for the fiscal year of 2011-2012.

That is why our nation is spiraling down the toilet of humanity and decency. 

We are killing babies at a record pace. 

Is there any other indicator that points to our baseless society more clearly than that?  Could there be a greater indictment on us as Americans? 

333,964 lives ended in the 2011-2012 fiscal year of Planned Parenthood (PP).  The organization is proud. Babies, not tissue, are being exterminated, stopped from continuing a life with rights endowed from his or her creator at a record pace and we expect our nation to be blessed?

Many of you are Christians who happen to be Democrats.  I have chided you for your hypocrisy - being part of a party with a platform that advocates killing babies in the womb.  Let's step back for a moment and I want you to just answer the question.

Do you really expect God to bless a people with such a view of life?

PP reports that it received a record $542 million tax payer dollars for the recent fiscal year.  By the way, that number is just 45% of its annual funding.  Killing babies is big business.  But let's talk guns instead.

Citizens, it may make you uncomfortable, but until we face this issue head on and change our heart regarding abortion very little will change.  There is no more sacred issue.  Sadly we have approached the issue completely wrong as a culture.

I will address just one aspect of it.  Years ago we allowed the expansion of the notion that if we just teach kids and hand out condoms we would see fewer pregnancies, thus fewer abortions.  How's that strategy working out?

333,964.  A record year.

I correctly pointed out more than two decades ago that this was an ill conceived plan.  Why?  Because intimacy is enjoyable (and can be addictive).  God made it that way, created it to be good.  However, kids are not able to process all of the issues that come with that kind of relationship.  They are ill-equipped.  We addicted kids to having sex under the guise of "protection" provided by condoms.  Consequently, those kids eventually engage in it without a condom.  The result? 

333,964.  A record year.

There are some waking up to what we have done in our culture.  I was please to see actor Liam Neeson speak to the degradation of sexuality.  Still, we are silent to a holocaust because the topic is uncomfortable.

That must mean many are comfortable with 333,964 abortions on one a twelve month window.

It was a record year.