On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show: Our Constitution has all but been destroyed by President Obama and the Democrats and their socialist agenda. They have effectively taken out Congress so that Congress can't use the power of the purse to reign in the out of control Executive branch. Obama is about to unilaterally give amnesty to illegal immigrants even though the American people don't want it, and Congress isn't doing anything to stop him. And to add to it, the Republicans don't even realize that they've being taken advantage of, and the media refuses to say anything about the lawlessness of the President. Obama is trying to do the United Nation's work regarding global warming by pushing thru their agenda via the EPA and environmental bureaucracies with the ultimate goal of more control over the individual and the individual's property. Also, Mark asks how did Obama not know what was going on with the buildup of ISIS? This has been going on for many months and Obama didn't do anything to stop it.


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