On Thursday's Mark Levin Show: Mark asks what happens when you have a Congress that won't listen to you and your Representatives won't represent you? When all else has failed, what are you supposed to do? Mark talks about how the House has already given in on any maneuvers and leverage they had by refusing to use the power of the purse that they specifically have the right to use. Mark says that the people in the Appropriations Committee don't even understand what they're doing or what they're able to do. And the worst part is, President Obama didn't do this to the Republicans - they did it to themselves. They are effectively disarming any political leverage they have by refusing to talk about impeachment as well. Mark says the answer must be an Article V Convention of States. Also, President Obama says there's no strategy yet in dealing with ISIS, meanwhile his own military commanders are saying that ISIS is one of the biggest threats the country faces. How do we not have a plan or any idea what to do with confronting them yet? Finally, Senator Jeff Sessions calls in about the threat of Obama using Executive Orders to declare amnesty for illegal immigrants.


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