A public university’s outrage machine is firing on all cylinders in the wake of a vaguely offensive “Colonial Bros and Nava-Hos” theme party hosted by an off-campus fraternity.

The party, which asked men to dress up as colonists and women to wear sexy Native American garb, was held last month at Phi Sigma Kappa, an off-campus fraternity of California Polytechnic State University. Some students took offense and filed a complaint with the university, obliging administrators to investigate, according to Campus Reform.

The results of the investigation were announced today: The fraternity did not violate any official campus policies.

Does this mean the university plans to forget the incident? Absolutely not.

“We personally deplore this behavior,” wrote university administrators in a press release. Despite conceding that nothing improper was done, administrators then outlined the numerous steps they would take to heal the deep wounds that the party inflicted on “historically marginalized communities,” at Cal Poly.

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